Jul 3rd

10 thirst quenching hair tips for summertime!

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Hey everyone! It’s been such a hot summer so far, your hair is probably feeling dry right? Heres some tips and tricks to help your hair through the summertime!

1. Keep conditioning! Your hair needs water just like your body. Condtioner for hair is like water for your body, you will always need it. If your a dry shampoo lover and dont wash your hair everyday, try adding moisture by spritizing a leave in conditoner on your thirsty ends every couple days.

2. Go gentle- Use a sulfate free shampoo. Pureology is lightweight and won’t strip that hair color out.

3. Take it easy- Give your hair a break from blowouts and embrace braids, ponytails and buns. The best thing about summertime is you can wear your hair natural.

4. Add oils- To balance and rehydrate, oils work just as well on your hair as they do on the face. Oils are more like a lotion for your hair that wont build up or weigh your hair down.  Morrocain Oil is perfect for summertime, it will not only help your hair feel silky smooth, but its also a great humidity barrier.

5. Hit the gym?- Ever tried putting a mask on before the gym? Apply a mask or oil to your hair before pulling your hair up into a ponytail. After your workout sit in the steam room and rise out when you get home. It will feel salon fresh!

6. Lower the heat!- Summertime is great for airdrying, but if  you must blow dry, make sure your using your nozzle. A good trick is to test your blow dryer on your arm. If its burning your hair on your arm, it will burn the hair on your head.

7. Drink up! Not only is water important for your skin, but it helps  your hair too!

8. Better bedhead- Knots lead to splitting and breakage, which in the long run your hair will stop growing at a point. Before you go to bed, tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail to avoid tangles in the morning.

9. Seal your color- Heat and sun oxidize your hair color making it look dry and fried. Get a straightening treatment. They make hair easier to style; Less frizzy and fluff.

10. The “dusting“- Sometimes hair is so hopelessly dry, only scissors will fix it. This doesn’t mean you have to chop all hair off though. Snipping the ends, or “dusting”, will help your hair grow!

Hope this helps! Have a great hair day!