Jul 10th

Minerals in the Mist.

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Hey everyone! It’s been so hot outside these past couple days, hasn’t it? I have the perfect product for this heat! Try Youngbloods Minerals in the Mist!

Skin will get a surge of moisture with Youngbloods Minerals in the Mist. Facial mists were created specifically to hydrate, nourish and protect skin. Use minerals in the mist before moisturizing in the morning to lock in the natural minerals and vitamins and then again after makeup application to set your foundation.

Ingredients: Malachite, Rhodolite, Hematite and Zincite – Which helps protect skin cells and tissue. Also has vitamins A and E which sheild skin from enironmental stress and sun damage.

Minerals in the mist is ideal for: All skin types. Great for dehydrated and mature skin.

Bonus tip!- Use this throughout your hot summer day to give you a refreshing mist! It will feel nice and cool when you mist on!

Available in 3 blends: Refresh, Restore & Recharge.

Have a great, cool day!