Jul 20th

Loose Mineral Foundation- Where it all began.

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Hey everyone! Todays post is a little lengthy, but I really wanted to share all of this information with you about Youngbloods loose foundation.

This is the product that started it all. Pauline Youngblood developed her first loose mineral foundation in response to a need for makeup that all women, no matter what their skin condition, can use. Youngbloods loose foundation is unique in so many ways, Its an ultra-fine powder that delivers long lasting coverage and is free of talc and fragrance, so its non-irritating. Because its made of pure minerals, its non-comedogenic and will let skin breathe. When you use this loose foundation, you can say goodbye to shimmery looks. Youngbloods loose foundation comes in nautral shades that will compliment all skin types. It comes in an exclusivley desgined conatiner that dispenses the precise amounnt of powder with a tap of a giner, so theres no mess, no waste.

It’s extremeley versatile too, Depending on the look you want, you can get medium to full coverage. Whats even more amazing is how the foundation feels. It’s super soft and so fine to the touch it feels like you’re not even wearing makeup. All you’ll get is a beautiful, healthy glow.

Ingredients- A unique mineral blend that conatins titanum dioxide for broad UV protection; bismuth oxychloride, a prealescent mineral that has good binding properties and is used to provide luster; Mica, a lubricating mineral that provides a slip and glow in foundation; and iron oxides, which provide pigment variations in the foundation.

Ideal for: All skin types. Perfect for post-operative, acneic and sensitive skin.

Available in 16 shades!

PRO TECHNIQUE!- When using loose foundationm first decide which type of coverage you want–light, medium or full. Then reach for the appropriate brush. The large Kabuki is best fro getting a light look, the small kabuki for medium and the Ultimate foundation brush for medium to full coverage. Dip the tip of your brush into the foundation and tap off the excess. Next gently buff the foundation into skin using circular motions in towards the center of the face.

Have a great day everyone! :)