Aug 14th

Makeup Brushes.

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Hey everyone! Todays post is all about MAKEUP BRUSHES!

Youngblood has awesome brushes that are made of the highest grade natural and synthetic materials. Youngblood’s brushes are prefect for applying youngblood products and creating your own flawless look. Here is a few of my favorites!

1. Liquid Foundation- Made of high quality synthetic hair, this brush provides excellent liquid foundation coverage.

2. Kabuki Brush- This brush comes in 2 sizes 1. Small- For medium to heavy coverage of nautral mineral foundation or rice setting powder. 2. Large- For lighter coverage of your foundations, setting powders, bronzers and lunar dust.

3. Super Powder- Made of high quality super capra goat hair, its the perfect brush for applying rice powder, loose foundation, pressed foundation, mineral radiance and hi-def powder.

4. Contour blush- Made of super capra hair, this is a perfectly angled blush for contouring and applying crushed or pressed blush.

5. Eyeshadow- Shaped like a thumbnail and made of pony hair, its perfect for mineral eyeshadow.

6. Crease/Smudge- Made of premium pony hair this brush is great for defining eyes and blending out shadow

7. Eyebrow-  An angled brush made of sable hair that ideal for creating a natural brow shape

8. Concealer- Made of sunthetic hair, this brush glides on smoothly for under eye applications.

9. Travel Lip- This brush works well with lip shines or lipsticks. Perfect to travel with.

10. Eye/lip- Made of soft sable, this brush is great for adding color to lips or eyes.

I hope this helps you! Have a great day! :)