Sep 24th

How to: Taylor Swift Curls.

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Happy Monday! We get a lot of questions on the “Taylor Swift” curls, so I figured I’d write a “how to” to teach you guys how to do it!


1. Prepare your hair by applying a heat protectant spray all over. Section your hair into 4.

2. Back sections:  Take out a small piece and wind them down a 1/2 inch rod.

3. Twist the hair as you wrap it, leaving the tips straight for an undone feel.

4. For the fron sections – curl the first piece going clockwise.

5. Switch to counterclockwise on the next. This is the trick to natural waves!

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, alternating the direction of each curl as you go.

7. Finish the final face framing curl. Be extra careful around your hairline!

8.Spray, then gently fingercomb to make it full and fluffy.


Have a great day everybody! :)