Oct 16th

Faux Bob!

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Hey everyone! Ever wondered what your hair would look like in a bob, but afraid to actually do it? I have the perfect way for you to try it out! Do the best faux bob ever – no scissor time and no grow out time.

What you’ll need- A hair tie, bobby pins and hairspray.. thats it!

1. Do a superlow ponytail after creating waves with a curling iron. Tie a hair tie two inches from tips. Keep it nice and loose.

2. Roll it up slowly. First tuck those loose ends under the leastic, then carefully roll the ponytail up toward your head.

3. Pin it in place- secure hair at the nape of your neck with bobby pins that match your hair. Make sure it feels locked tight.

4. Pull out a few face framing bits and spray!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day! :)